Stylish, Efficent & high quality cookware range
  • Saute Pan
  • fry pan tapered side
  • fry pan straight side
  • karahi flat and round bottom
  • Milk pan
  • Saucepan
  • Casse role ( Special Wash)
  • Saucepot ( Light weight polished )
  • Stew pan 3mm with wooden & bakelite handle

Our products are built to withstand crowded commutes, boisterous school-recess hours, the rigors of keeping a home clean, and cook-ing delicious meals day-in, day-out. When real life is so tough, we make sure that our products are even tougher.


  • Sleek Design & trendy colours
  • Robust handle for easy operation
  • shiny metallized prints
  • Keeps food hot & fresh for long hours

varna 3Pcs Set

Capacity | 450 ML | 830 ML | 1.37 L


Varna Casserole series is the latest addition to the long range of premium products from the house of Prime Links. Its sleek design and vacuum metallized prints make it a must have to enhance your dining decor

Amina casserole

Capacity 1 450,750,830,8 50 & 1.2 ML


Amina casseroles are double-walled, with a stainless-steel inner surface to keep food hot and fresh-tasting for hours. A simple one-touch mechanism pops the lid open for easy access. Featuring a smart dual-tone outer finish with attractive graphics, this insulated container is elegantly designed to take centre-stage at your dining table.


  • Double-Walied casserole with stainless-steel inner surface
  • Keeps food hot for hours
  • One-touch mechanism pops the lid open for easy access
  • Integrated side-handles allow for easy carrying
  • Contemporary duaI-tone outer finish with attractive graphics
Room Freshners & Odour Remover

Room Freshners

  • Spray it in your rooms for long-lasting fragrance that keeps stale and musty odours at bay.
  • The dry formulation does not leave any water particles on the floor.
  • It is a quick and efficient way to spread fragrance uniformly though out the room.

Odour Remover

  • Does not mask bad odours.
  • Neutralises bad odours and leaves behind a lingering fragrance.
  • Aroma guard technology neutralises bad odours instead just masking them.
A smart Solution For Your Kitchen

lotion spray bottle

air freshener

scrub pad

Prime Guard Matches

PrimeGuard Match works is a reputed manufacturer and trader of Cardboard Matches, Veneer (Wooden) Matches and Wax Matches, etc. And the manufactured products are traded through our sister concern Prime Links Global who have a proud past and promising future.

As a Socially, Economically and Environmentally responsible company. we adhere to stringent International standards. We enjoy a pedigree of standing over the past 10 years. We take pride in saying that we are one of the leading Manufacturers of safety matches for more than 10 years based in Tamil Nadu, South India, we are a source of manufacturing and supply truckloads and container quantities of Match Sticks. Every day, our products touch the lives of millions of people across the Globe.

  • Wax Matches
  • Veneer Matches (Wooden Matches)
  • Kitchen/King size Matches
  • Carbonized /Non-Carbonized Matches
  • Color Matches
  • Card Board Matches

Our Standard Models

Box Size

50X35 X13.5 mm

Outer Box

Coated Duplex Board with 300 Gsm

Inner Box

Uncoated Board with 280 Gsm


Belgium popler/Malabrica /Indian Mattiz

No Of Splints

40 Sticks (Machine Filling)

Length of Splints

40 x2.0 mm x2.0 mm

Side Friction

Honey Bee Dotted


4 Colors (Any Brand)

Splints Filling

One Side Headedv

Packing :

Packing :

10 Match Box


100 Match Box


1000 Match Boxes

Multi Color Maner Carton Box

Loadability IN 01X40'HQ FCL


Exchange Rate (Applicable)

Exchange Rate (Applicable)